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I first discovered raw foods many, many moons ago when I embarked upon a raw food month with my flat mate… I felt great yet it was unsustainable at that time for me to live on just fruit, nuts and vegetables. I then travelled around the world and was inspired by the juice bars I came across in Australia. Then a few years ago raw foods came back on my radar and they have been there ever since. After my initial foray, raw foods has become a cuisine all of its own and now as our knowledge has developed around use of sea vegetables, superfoods as well as dehydrators and blenders, we live in a unique age where we can really reap the benefits.

Rawlicious Food is about bringing a change to the way in which we eat and interact with food. The bedrock of what I do is to feel good, to enjoy optimal health by eating nutrient dense, delicious organic, raw food, lovingly prepared in an innovative style. It’s not just sprouts and mung beans (though I love both of those) it’s about mouth-watering cuisine that is free from meat, dairy and wheat. Eating just a small percentage of raw food everyday will improve your health no end. I myself am about 50% raw, this is a journey not a destination.

I can cater for events, run a workshop in your home (or a mini retreat if you fancy some pampering with some raw food tuition) or if you want more of an immersive experience come on one of the retreats either in the UK or in France.

Please do get in touch.

Persephone x